Nikephoros Paraschos Kantakouzenos

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Nikephoros Paraschos Kantakouzenos “the Master” (Greek: Νικηφόρος Παράσχος Καντακουζηνός ὁ Διδάσκαλος) (c. 1537-1599) was an Ottoman subject, as well as a monk, a teacher, a physician and a diplomat.

Nikephoros Paraschos Kantakouzenos
Born: c. 1537, Trikala
Died: 1599, Malbork

1. Early life

He was born in Trikala around 1537. His father was a prominent merchant and his mother was a sister of Michael Kantakouzenos Şeytanoğlu. He had a brother who was a deacon.

2. Career

From 1544 to 1556 he studied in his hometown. He became a monk in 1557. In 1572 he was appointed Patriarchal Vicar in Padua by Patriarch Ieremias II. Later he was appointed Patriarchal Exarch in Poland. In 1597 he was arrested for his activities against Uniatism.

3. Death

In 1599 he died imprisoned in Malbork.

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